One-Stop-Solution Provider
of Broadcast/Media, IP Networking and Pro-Audio Systems.

Established in 1986 as a subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation in the cable television industry. It is a multi-vendor SIer that handles leading equipment manufacturers in Japan and abroad, and has advanced know-how and a wealth of experience mainly in the fields of video and telecommunications, providing consistent services from design and construction management to 24/365 after-sales service. Currently, the company is expanding its business not only to the cable TV industry, but also to CS/BS broadcasting stations, terrestrial stations, other video distribution providers, and telecommunication companies.

Business area

Communication network field

We sell, design, install and construct equipment and systems, perform maintenance and service operations, marketing, and product planning and development for cable television operators, telecommunications carriers, broadcasters, and video communications, also selling products related to ISP and OTT distribution for housing complexes, and provides system design, installation, maintenance, and operation services.

Video Production field

We provide broadcasting equipment for CS/BS stations and terrestrial broadcasting stations, which have been in increasing demand in recent years, as well as file-based workflow systems for production, editing, transmission, and archiving that suit the customer's business flow.

Business introduction

  1. Integration of Audio / Video Production System (Planning, Construction and Maintenance)

    • Editorial studios (post productions, etc)
    • Audio system (recording system, MA, etc)
  2. Integration of Video Playout System (Planning, Construction and Maintenance)

    • Channel-in-a-box(CIaB)
    • Automatic Program Controller
    • Video Server
    • L’angle / Weather forecast and disaster information / Subtitle / Data broadcasting
    • Monitoring and surveillance system
  3. Integration of File-based Archive System (Planning, Construction and Maintenance)

    • IMC
    • File-based editing and production system
    • MAM / Archive system
    • Ingesting / Transcoding / Quality check
    • Storage
  4. Sales of Broadcast and Enterprise Equipment and Recording Media

    • Video and audio equipment
  5. Integration of Cable TV Network System (Planning, Construction and Maintenance)

    • DOCSIS-compliant CMTS
    • FTTH PON system
    • Network monitoring system
    • Billing system (i-Plat) / CRM (i-Front)
    • Original programs playout system
  6. Integration of Video Transport and Distribution System (Planning, Construction and Maintenance)

    • Digital video processing system (SDI / ASI / QAM etc)
  7. Provision of Video Distribution Platform for Multi-Screen Service

    • Archive contents management cloud
    • OTT live contents management system
    • OTT transcoders for multi-screen service
    • IP video recording and distribution network
  8. Broadband Internet Service for MDU BB4U

    • Telecommunication equipment and services for MDUs, hotels, dormitories, etc
    • Smart IT condominiums
    • Digital Signage
    • Construction and operation of wireless LAN